Friday, February 29, 2008

Town Tour -- Laboring Over the Stove: A Working Definition of Detroit Cuisine

If I had $675 to spare, believe me, I would be the first to register for the American Table Culinary Tour of Detroit. After all, what better way to enjoy a couple of days than learning about a combo of food, history and Detroit?

The tour, which is coming to Detroit June 26-28, will focus on the culinary wonders that surround the city and America's Auto Industry. Some highlights of the 2-day tour include:

  • A coney dog showdown hosted by UAW V.P. Jimmy Settles;
  • Discussion of dugout eats by Curtis Granderson (my FAVORITE Tiger!);
  • "Houses of Worship" tour led by Detroit Free Press columnist/co-editor of The Detroit Almanac Bill McGraw (samples of pierogies, burrma and baklava will be noshed along the way);
  • Tour of the historic Germack Pistachio Company;
  • A presentation by Ari Weinzweig -- founder of Ann Arbor's famous Zingerman's Deli;
  • A shopping trip to Eastern Market led by Lois Johnson and Margaret Thomas, authors of Detroit's Eastern Market: A Farmers Market Shopping and Cooking Guide;
  • A breakfast at Avalon Bakery;
  • Picnic on Belle Isle;
  • Baking lessons where tourgoers can learn the art of making Mexican cakes, Middle Eastern pastries or Southern sweet potato pies;
  • Festivities will conclude at Cadieux CafĂ©, a featherbowling bar.

To view the itinerary (and drool over the mouth-watering descriptions), click onto this site:

Hope some foodie reporters out there cover this event hardcore so I can live vicariously through them. I can't wait to see what wonderful stories are written about what everyone is able to experience -- all in the yummy, cultural city of Detroit.

Thanks for choosing Detroit, American Table. Annnd, in 40=/- years when I retire, feel free to come back to Detroit so I can take the tour myself.

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