Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Word-Up Ya'll: Talk Trash for a Rockin' Cause

Just sharing the latest and greatest on our female blogger collaboration with Operation: Kid Equip - Word-Up - a trash talkin' tennis tourney for a cause!

On Saturday, Feb. 27th, from 9-11 p.m. at the Birmingham Racquet Club, area bloggers and social media enthusiasts will step out from behind the safety of their monitors and iPhones to face off. For a group of Detroiters accustomed to scrapping out turf in the cyber world by skillfully lobbing poignant barbs, placing the perfect spin on headlines and relying on the fastest servers, the opportunity to see who rises to the top in a face-to-face battle of good ole' fashion trash talk was too much to resist.

All proceeds from the event will go to Operation: Kid Equip to help complete their mission of arming area third graders with dictionaries. We're currently raising funds for Hazel Park and need your help!

Sign up here to play, attend, support or sponsor Word-Up. You may as well, cuz if you don't, we'll just talk trash about you anyway!

If you're curious as to how this will work, just check out the event's Facebook page.

*Warning: Trash talk will be flying at this event and is more than likely to land out of bounds at times. All attendees, playing or not, should arrive with well-padded egos.*

Pre-event registration prices range from $10-$30, but feel free to make a donation if you aren't able to attend. Door prices are $10 more per ticket (depending on availability).

Now, I don't play tennis, but this will definitely be something worth seeing, or shall I say hearing? Crazy 70's gear is encouraged, so bring out the tube socks and shorty shorts!


Angry (or happy?) Andy Roddick photo cred.