Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Songs: Nobody writes a song like Disney

There's nothing more I love than Disney songs. In fact, I've been known to download them onto my iPod and when they randomly come on, an instant smile is brought to my face.

Each song reminds me of my childhood. I could even blame my love for Disney songs on my passion for singing. I remember singing the words to EVERY song from all the classic princess movies from a very young age.

To gear up for the Disney On Ice show I'll be working to promote in the fall, I've decided to list out my favorites and make a playlist to listen to whenever life has got me down. In no particular order, here's my faves:

"Circle of Life" from The Lion King
One of the most powerful intros of any Disney movie IMO. (ask me to sing the intro if you want a laugh)

"A Whole New World" from Aladdin
Aladdin and Jasmine give little girls across the universe hope that love really will take you somewhere new and offer endless possibilities. Whether you agree or not, that's up to the listener.

"Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas
A very deep song for children for sure. I absolutely love the animation that happens during this scene!

Oh Cinderella, you prove that anything can come true.

"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid
Eric, why can't you see Ariel is SO in love with you?

"Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King
No Disney mix is complete without this anthem. It means no worries for the rest of your days....and who doesn't crack up at sidekicks Timon and Puma's lyrics?

"Belle" from Beauty and the Beast
Probably my favorite Disney song ever. As a kid, I loved doing the voices from all of the characters from the movie and the girls I used to babysit would beg me to sing it to them. It's very Broadway-esque, so I'm guessing why I love it so much!

Whoever thought up this song was crazy. And I love it!

"Reflections" from Mulan
This song/movie showcases girl power. This song teaches young women that girls can do anything boys can do.

"Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty
If only I was a soprano...I would sing this to my husband!

Have I missed any? What are your favorites?

Rant: Don't use the handicap button if you don't need it!

I have a major pet peeve: when people who are not physically handicap use the handicap button on doors when they do not need it.

On Friday, a gal in stilettos, paired with a designer handbag and fancy sunglasses pushed the handicap button into the RenCen for absolutely no reason. She was perfectly able to open the door -- she was just carrying a small purse. But she used it. For no reason. She can't even use the germaphobe excuse because she touched the button to make the door open. Was it just laziness on her part? Most likely, but that's just another rant entirely. In my mind, there's no excuse. That button was not created for her to use at her helpless disposal.

I understand those who have their arms full utilizing the door opener. It's just truly bothersome to me when people use these doors for no reason. I feel blessed to not have to use that button. I have legs. I have arms and hands. I can open the door and perhaps even be courteous enough to hold the door for whomever is walking behind me.

Those doors use power. Power can go out. If everyone and their brother uses those doors and they breakdown and no longer have power, what happens when someone comes along in a wheelchair and really needs it and it doesn't work?

To understand my logic, I'll tell you a story. I had a friend in high school that I worked with that had cerebral palsy. She was extremely sweet and had mentioned to me once that she didn't hang out with many people outside of work and school because her wheelchair made everything difficult. So, my girlfriend and I decided to take her to the movies. We had a great time, but it the entire process wasn't easy. We had to pick her up from her house, lift her in and out of the car, lug the wheelchair around and sit in the front of the movie screen (not our first choice for a spot to sit) where there was actually room for a wheelchair. Had we not been there to open doors for her, it would have made for a horrible process for her I imagine.

I'm not asking for you to agree with my thoughts. I just want to say that people with disabilities have a hard enough time dealing with getting places. Think next time you're faced with an automatic button. Do you really need it? If not, please think twice and maybe even have a thought of thanks for being blessed enough to not have to use it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Song "This one's for the GIRLS" by Martina McBride

This post is for the girls.

This past week has been full of girl power. Between enlightening conversations with many of my faves, I also had the privilege to hear Martha Stewart speak and see one of my great friends, Lyndsey, star in as Sandy in the play Grease (her second play ever, p.s.). I feel very fortunate to have TONS of great gals that help me through each day and show me what true girl power is.

I absolutely adore being married and couldn't ask for a better mate...but there is just something about dishing with a gf that just simply isn't the same with a male! (Jason, you know at the end of the day you have my heart!)

Hence, this week's song choice - "This one's for the girls" by Martina McBride. With the lyrics of that song dancing in my mind, here's my tribute to my life's leading ladies...

Thank you to all my girlfriends and all my amazing female family members. From my friends who I've grown-up my college friends who always encourage me and share life's events with me. To all my other friends, whom I know from work, volunteering, church, through Jason, and several other places - thank you for enriching my life with your friendship.

Thank you to all four of my grandmas (including J's grandmas). You've all given me great words of advice and have given me the greatest blessings of all: my moms...I only wish I was able to see you all more. (Grandma N. below never wears a frown)
Thank you to my mother-in-law for raising such a wonderful man. Thank you also for opening your home and your family to me...and for making me feel so welcome in your family.

Thank you to my mom, who is my best friend. Thanks for being so strong and teaching me to be the same way. For laughing and talking with me about every insignificant detail of my life...and for giving me a perspective I generally don't think about. And of course, thanks for loving me with your HUGE heart.

To all the ladies in my life: THANKS for everything!