Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rant: Don't use the handicap button if you don't need it!

I have a major pet peeve: when people who are not physically handicap use the handicap button on doors when they do not need it.

On Friday, a gal in stilettos, paired with a designer handbag and fancy sunglasses pushed the handicap button into the RenCen for absolutely no reason. She was perfectly able to open the door -- she was just carrying a small purse. But she used it. For no reason. She can't even use the germaphobe excuse because she touched the button to make the door open. Was it just laziness on her part? Most likely, but that's just another rant entirely. In my mind, there's no excuse. That button was not created for her to use at her helpless disposal.

I understand those who have their arms full utilizing the door opener. It's just truly bothersome to me when people use these doors for no reason. I feel blessed to not have to use that button. I have legs. I have arms and hands. I can open the door and perhaps even be courteous enough to hold the door for whomever is walking behind me.

Those doors use power. Power can go out. If everyone and their brother uses those doors and they breakdown and no longer have power, what happens when someone comes along in a wheelchair and really needs it and it doesn't work?

To understand my logic, I'll tell you a story. I had a friend in high school that I worked with that had cerebral palsy. She was extremely sweet and had mentioned to me once that she didn't hang out with many people outside of work and school because her wheelchair made everything difficult. So, my girlfriend and I decided to take her to the movies. We had a great time, but it the entire process wasn't easy. We had to pick her up from her house, lift her in and out of the car, lug the wheelchair around and sit in the front of the movie screen (not our first choice for a spot to sit) where there was actually room for a wheelchair. Had we not been there to open doors for her, it would have made for a horrible process for her I imagine.

I'm not asking for you to agree with my thoughts. I just want to say that people with disabilities have a hard enough time dealing with getting places. Think next time you're faced with an automatic button. Do you really need it? If not, please think twice and maybe even have a thought of thanks for being blessed enough to not have to use it.

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EstrellaBella10 said...

You opened up my eyes to the importance of being an organ donor and recycling, and you've once again opened my eyes to how selfish it is for perfectly capable people to abuse the handicapp button. I never even considered how much power is wasted when that button is constantly pushed for no reason until I read your post, so thanks for enlightening me yet again ;)