Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Song "This one's for the GIRLS" by Martina McBride

This post is for the girls.

This past week has been full of girl power. Between enlightening conversations with many of my faves, I also had the privilege to hear Martha Stewart speak and see one of my great friends, Lyndsey, star in as Sandy in the play Grease (her second play ever, p.s.). I feel very fortunate to have TONS of great gals that help me through each day and show me what true girl power is.

I absolutely adore being married and couldn't ask for a better mate...but there is just something about dishing with a gf that just simply isn't the same with a male! (Jason, you know at the end of the day you have my heart!)

Hence, this week's song choice - "This one's for the girls" by Martina McBride. With the lyrics of that song dancing in my mind, here's my tribute to my life's leading ladies...

Thank you to all my girlfriends and all my amazing female family members. From my friends who I've grown-up my college friends who always encourage me and share life's events with me. To all my other friends, whom I know from work, volunteering, church, through Jason, and several other places - thank you for enriching my life with your friendship.

Thank you to all four of my grandmas (including J's grandmas). You've all given me great words of advice and have given me the greatest blessings of all: my moms...I only wish I was able to see you all more. (Grandma N. below never wears a frown)
Thank you to my mother-in-law for raising such a wonderful man. Thank you also for opening your home and your family to me...and for making me feel so welcome in your family.

Thank you to my mom, who is my best friend. Thanks for being so strong and teaching me to be the same way. For laughing and talking with me about every insignificant detail of my life...and for giving me a perspective I generally don't think about. And of course, thanks for loving me with your HUGE heart.

To all the ladies in my life: THANKS for everything!



Great blog, thank you for posting and creating it. Make sure you check mine out as I have a "strange" hobby that involves photography

EstrellaBella10 said...

Awww great girl power post! LOVE the photo of grandma Esther! She rocks my world :)

Sarah said...

What a great post. Tears in my eyes! Love you too, girl. :)