Monday, February 11, 2008

MUSIC: If life had a soundtrack...

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
Kudos to whoever originally made that statement.

When I am frustrated with life, I listen to good ole fashion rock n' roll. I scream out the lyrics and pump my fist or drum on the steering wheel, often causing stares when I am sitting in traffic.

There are days I have Jason on my mind and I turn on music with lyrics that reinforce my deep love for him. I belt out the song in my best voice, pretending he's there and I am really serenading him (...and yes, I do sing to him in real life too -- and he loves it ;).

Then there are times I just feel like rapping. I would never say I am good at it, after all, I am a white girl from the suburbs, but there's something poetic about rhyming that gets me jazzed for a long day of work.

No matter what is going on in my life, music is there for me. Music has moved me to tears, caused me to crowd surf at concerts, sing in choirs, karaoke to "Love Shack," change my clothing styles (Gwen Stefani, anyone?), make friends with perfect strangers and get over ex-boyfriends. It has caused my girls and I to dance to 80's music around the house like crazy people. Music brings my Church congregation together, uniting one voice for God. Music has been the backdrop to many Daddy-Daughter dances, family Christmas parties, birthday mix CD's for friends and topical conversations.

The list goes on and on of how music has played an integral role in my life thus far and helped me to have an epiphany today: Music just makes life interesting.

Since I am such a music nut, I was really excited when I came across a bulletin on my beloved friend Sarah's MySpace that asks people to make their own "life soundtrack." I copied it about a month ago, but haven't had the time to really think and plan it out and since I am constantly evolving as a person, the list I composed is fluid and will probably change tomorrow.

I've shared mine below and I suggest you all make one for yourself. It's so interesting to see what people choose as their songs -- there's SO many great songs out there to choose from! When I was selecting my songs, I was flooded with great emotions and memories from the past.

My Life -- Set To Music
  • Opening Credits: All These Things I've Done -- The Killers
  • Waking Up Scene: Ants Marching -- Dave Matthews Band
  • Car Driving Scene: Stick Shifts and Safety Belts -- Cake
  • High School Flashback Scene: Tiny Dancer -- Elton John
  • Nostalgic Scene: It'll All Work Out -- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • Bitter, Angry Scene: Headstrong --Trapt
  • Break-up Scene: Stay -- Lisa Loeb
  • Regret Scene: Colorblind -- Counting Crows
  • Nightclub/Bar Scene: Saturday Night -- Bay City Rollers
  • Fight/Action Scene: O Fortuna -- Carmina Burana, Carl Orff
  • Lawn Mowing Scene: Every Ghetto, Every City -- Lauryn Hill
  • Daydreaming Scene: Saturday In The Park -- Chicago
  • Sad, breakdown scene: Mad World -- Gary Jules
  • Death Scene: Ave Maria -- Pavarotti
  • Funeral Scene: The Wind -- Cat Stevens
  • Dreaming About Someone: You Are the Sunshine in My Life -- Stevie Wonder
  • Contemplation Scene: All I Need -- Air
  • Chase Scene: Devil Went Down To Georgia -- Charlie Daniels Band
  • Dance Party Scene: The Way You Move -- Outkast
  • Seduction Scene: Crazy -- Aerosmith
  • Happy Love Scene: Everything -- Michael Buble
  • Happy Friend Scene: We're Going To Be Friends -- The White Stripes
  • Falling Asleep Scene: What A Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong
  • Closing Credits: Ecstasy -- Rusted Root

That's my soundtrack and it's funny how it ended up really being me in a nutshell -- thoughtful, eclectic and just plain random.

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randommsugirl said...

i can truly say that i really like this mix. . .it is totally you and i have to say that some of that would be on my life soundtrack too. . .thats the funny thing about music, it can mean different things to different people. Love the mix!