Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show the LOVE this Valentine's Day

Thanks to over-the-top commercialization, February 14 has become a day filled with chocolates, diamonds and flowers (not that I'm complaining). But, with all these material items, the question becomes do you really need to be in a relationship with someone to celebrate all the wonderful things about the day named for Saint Valentine? I think the answer is no.

To me, the day is simply about loving each other, in any/all forms. When you really think about it, love comes in so many different packages... Friend love. Pet love. Old and gray love. Gay love. Internet love. Love of country. Love for God. Parent-child love. All that matters today is that you show some LOVE!

Here's some cool media points I've come across today that cover the topic of love in a few different forms...

Cyber Love: Internet love really can happen. So many wonderful people meet their perfect match online, after all, the bar is no good for meeting people and with work consuming our lives, how else can you meet potential love interests? Read this article from NY Times magazine called "Cybercourting" and maybe you'll be willing to give cyber love a shot. The story is wonderfully written and sets the stage for love in the current day-in-age.

Pet Love: WXYZ, (channel 7 to you Detroiters), is hosting a telethon for the Michigan Humane Society today until 11 p.m. Personally, I think that was a genius marketing move on their part. So many people don't have a significant person in their life, but have nothing but love for their pet. So, instead of wasting money on pointless confections, you can donate to any amazing organization benefiting our furry friends!

Old-Fashioned 'Wrap Me In Your Arms and Whisper Sweet Nothings' Love: The Detroit Free Press ran an amazing story called "Lasting love has no secrets" which dishes some marriage advice from two adorable elderly couples. (I can only hope Jason and I are that blessed when we're that old!) Read it and prepare to be touched.

Parent-Child Love -- A Bond That Can't Be Broken: KHAS-TV out of Nebraska shows parent-child love in a segment about a couple who loves their daughter with cerebral palsy more than life itself -- even though she can't verbally communicate with them. It's truly beautiful to see how love can bring to light what matters most in life.

Believe me, if I could afford enough stamps to send a valentine to the world, I would. For now, do me a favor and show a little love today, no matter what the form.

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