Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dive into icy water and benefit Special Olympics Michigan

Non-profits around the state of Michigan put on many wonderful events/fundraisers to benefit their organizations throughout the year. With tough economic times, it's crucial these organizations create events that will not only make an impact financially, but will also draw attention to the organization.

One non-profit that has stolen my heart is Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI). Through an internship there, I was able to learn the ins-and-outs of this amazing organization and the wonderful people that benefit from its programming. One thing I tell friends looking to volunteer somewhere is that volunteering for the Special Olympic Summer/Winter Games is a great opportunity to make a difference and have an absolute blast doing so. I was so incredibly happy when I worked the summer games and was able to cheer on athletes and experience the beauty of their teamwork, passion for their sports and hear the encouraging words spoken among them.

One fantastic opportunity to help SOMI is coming up this weekend in Detroit. It's called the Polar Plunge and if I didn't have prior commitments, I would be there in a heartbeat!

It's called the Polar Plunge because law enforcement officers and volunteers literally plunge into icy water, many times dressed in full costume, all for the benefit of SOMI. Anyone is welcome to take the plunge, just as long as you make a minimum donation of $50 to SOMI. Interested jumpers can register online here. Each event kicks off with a parade of costumes and a competition for the most creative costume or the best jump into the water. A post-plunge party and awards ceremony follows.

Here's the dates/times for the metro Detroit area:
Feb. 9 - Detroit - Detroit Rowing Club - Registration at 11:00 a.m., parade of costumes and plunge at 12 p.m. and awards/post plunge party at 12:45

Feb. 16 - Ann Arbor - Gallup Park - Registration at 11:00 a.m., parade of costumes and plunge at 12 p.m. and awards/post-plunge party at 12:45 p.m.
Other plunges will be happening in 12 other cities around the state too.

If you can't make it this year, no worries. Next year, I think it's my turn to pay my dues and take the plunge! Who's with me?

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