Friday, February 1, 2008

Sonic to debut in Michigan later this year!

Is anyone as excited I am to know that Sonic — “America’s Drive-In” — will be making its way into Michigan this year?

After years of tortuously mouth-watering commercials, it’s official; Sonic is creeping slowly into Michigan via Grand Rapids.

The chain has built its reputation across the nation as a great place for family fun — complete with carhops on roller-skates, chilidogs and a bazillion kinds of fruity slushes. Now, our great state gets to be a part of the all-American action!

And, it’s all starting to make marketing sense. Sonic commercials have been featured here for what feels like forever, but there’s not a single drive-in within sight. I don’t know if it has been the whole snow factor + drive-in combo that has scared franchisees away, but heck! We’re in Michigan, we’re used to being out in the cold and we love food. I know I personally have wanted to jump in my car on several occasions and drive south until Sonic was in sight. Now, I will only have drive two hours.

So dearest Sonic: Your next move must be to head to the eastside of the state. If you do, I promise to consume endless amounts of Cheesy Tater Tots and Cherry Limeade.

You can also check out this post at the fab Michigan Web site:

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