Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Song - "Skin Deep" by Buddy Guy

Excited for my upcoming road trip to Chicago to see one of my favorite people EVER, I'm picking out Chi-town native blues artist Buddy Guy's new single "Skin Deep" as this week's song. AWESOME song with a GREAT, positive message...and what artist can beat those hot guitar licks?


KRS said...

"underneath it all, we're all the same"
GREAT SONG... Wow! Just ordered the CD!
Thanks for recommending it!

metrogal84 said...

That's awesome! No prob. Sharing is my job. :)

randommsugirl said...

Except that you aren't taking a road trip here anymore :( sad.

metrogal84 said...

Oh, stop it! I'll come visit soon...if soon means next year. Darn you and darn me for being too darn busy! :P