Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do What Dr. Phil Says: Give Blood to The Red Cross!

Blood is in low supply. Many of us know this. And we all would like to give except for many (myself included), it can be a very horrifying experience.

After getting several calls from the American Red Cross (including a scary message of Dr. Phil shouting), I caved in when I saw a flier in my building for a blood drive. A timely blog post from my dear friend Erin reiterated the importance of donating to me... And since I had no reasonable excuse since the blood drive was to be held in the Ren Cen where I work, I decided to sign up.

Although I did some work with the Central Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross during college, it was my wonderful husband who motivated me to get the balls to donate in the first place. (because "it's the right thing to do," according to him.) So, the other day I took his advice and grabbed my iPod and did my civil duty. Thank goodness for the blood flow music including happy songs like "Penny Lane" by The Beatles, the Grateful Dead's redition of "Wake Up Little Susie" and "All This Beauty" by The Weepies. These songs made me forget about the blood that was draining from me as I lay there.

I have B- blood, which is the second most rare blood types (behind AB-). I often think, what if I needed blood and there wasn't any of my type left in this world? What would happen? I can only receive O- and B-. That's it. So, if there weren't donors, I potentially could be royally screwed.

Although the experience sucked (rude nurses with no bedside manner, small juice boxes and practically laying on top of the others donating), I did it. And for that, I am proud. And I'll do it again.

Here's something interesting to read if you know your type (you all should!):

O + / 1 person in 3 / 38.4% of the population
O - / 1 person in 15 / 7.7% of the population
A + / 1 person in 3 / 32.3% of the population
A - / 1 person in 16 / 6.5% of the population
B + /1 person in 12 / 9.4% of the population
B - / 1 person in 67 / 1.7% of the population
AB + / 1 person in 29 / 3.2% of the population
AB - / 1 person in 167 / 0.7% of the population

I'm the 1 in 67. At least I'm unique, but then again, when it comes to blood, I wouldn't call those lucky odds.

The other numbers
that make it all worth while...
39,000 - number of pints of blood needed in America each day
900 - number of donors needed everyday in southeastern Michigan alone
6 - times a year you can donate
3 - lives you can save
2 - number of seconds that passes before someone in America needs blood

1 - number of people it takes to make a difference!


Sarah said...

I love that you and EK blogged about donating blood. It may be a futue blog for me as well. It's also ironic because I got an e-mail this morning to make an appt to give blood at my work in a couple weeks! Thanks for holding my hand the first time I did it... which lead to and will continue to lead to more donations from Sarah!

Erin Kelly said...

Nice post Lo...