Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Song: Priscilla Ahn's "A Dream"

A thing I have recently fallen in love with is NPR's Song of the Day. I have been learning TONS of great music through this! I subscribed to the daily newsletter and have learned of so many great artists and the neat stories behind their music.

One of the artists I learned about and now can't get enough of is Priscilla Ahn. Her beautiful voice chills me to the core everytime I hear it! One of her songs that is hauntingly beautiful is "Dream." She sounds a bit like Rosie Thomas or Sarah McLachlan, but still has her own personality in her songs.

Here's what NPR had to say about her:
"As a new singer-songwriter with a new debut album, Priscilla Ahn is an unfamiliar figure. But from her first breaths in "Dream," she possesses a presence that can't be overlooked. It's not just the startling clarity of her singing, but also the lovely and occasionally wry songwriting that's bound to capture listeners' attention and imaginations.

There's a sweet innocence to "Dream," with the childish hopes and desires of a "little girl, alone in her little world" captured in the sing-song cant of Ahn's flawless voice and swinging guitar. As she ventures from childhood to adulthood and old age, the song becomes more complex as it moves along.

The dream changes, as well: The child sings, "I had a dream / that I could fly / from the highest swing / I had a dream." The adult takes her flight from the highest tree, before finally seeking out the highest point of all. Looking back, she sings, "I lived it full and I lived it well / as many tales I lived to tell," adding, "I'm ready now / to fly from the highest wing / I had a dream." The song closes in the same simple address as it began, with Ahn lifting her voice — and her audience's eyes — to the sky."


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Zanter said...

I just saw her on the Late Late Show [tivo] and was completely blown away. She's amazing.