Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Local Bulldog Saves Kittens

Have no fear, Napoleon is here!!!

I heard a wonderful story on FOX2 the other night about this local hero of a dog. And since one idea behind my blog is to report positive news, I thought I'd share...

This fearless English bulldog (pictured) saved a burlap sack of drowning kittens the other day on Tamarack Lake in Ortonville, Mich.

The dog’s owner didn't know why her pet had darted across a street and jumped into the water. The dog grabbed a burlap sack and pulled it ashore. His owner expected the bag to be full of garbage. She was surprised when she heard meowing coming from inside the sack.

Napoleon's valiant effort saved four kittens. Unfortunately, two of them did not survive. It's sick to think someone may have been trying to intentionally kill them, but I'm here to talk positive. Four survived thanks to Napoleon saving the day!

What's really interesting about this story is that English Bulldogs are notoriously bad swimmers. With a giant head and chest compared to a lighter tail end, they have a tendency to go bottoms up in the water. It’s hard to keep that head up above the waves when it’s the largest part of your body. Somehow, someway, Napoleon was sent to save those kittens.

I guess dogs truly can be man (or kitty's) best friend.


Erin Kelly said...

This is why I love them of course...

Estrella10 said...

This story further solidifies my love for bulldogs. Good find!

Anonymous said...

Hi Metrogal, finally thanks to your blog i found the lake where Napoleon saved the kittens. Napoleon has won a shining world hero award! I'll try and contact his owner tonight with the good news. Will ring Ortinville (from Perth Western Australia)to find the owners address.