Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Song: "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana

I won two tickets this week to see famed musician/composer Leonard Slatkin direct Carmina Burana today with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, so Jason and I went to check it out for our 6-month wedding anniversary. It was AMAZING! We had awful seats (upper balcony isn't recommended), but it didn't even could've heard a pin drop during the performance because the entire audience was in absolute awe with the talented musicians and singers.

The highlight of the entire piece, which is made up of 24 medieval Latin poems, is "O Fortuna." If you haven't ever heard it, go here NOW. It'll raise the hair on your arms.

We rounded out the night with dinner at Slows BBQ. As always, we had to wait nearly 45 minutes, but the amazing food totally makes the wait bearable. It was a perfect night to end a wonderful weekend.

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Sarah said...

O Fortuna was, by far, my favorite piece we sang in choir. I still get excited when I hear it on commercials, radio, etc.