Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's official! I'm a donor

I got my organ donor sticker in the mail the other day and thought I would share. It came faster than I thought and it was so easy! There's no excuses to not sign up. Again, the website to visit is:

Also, here's some answers to questions you may have (taken from the site):

Why is it important to register my wish to become a donor?
Upon every hospital death, Gift of Life Michigan is notified. Having your donor registry form on file helps to ensure that your decision to become a donor is carried out. Even when you sign the donor registry it is ESSENTIAL THAT YOUR FAMILY KNOWS your wishes.
Will doctors work as hard to save my life if they know I am an organ, tissue and eye donor?
Yes. Every effort is made to save your life before donation is considered. By law, the medical team treating you must be seperate from the transplant team.
Are there any costs to my family?
No. It costs nothing to donate organs or tissues, and no costs associated with the donation are passed on to the donor's family or estate.
Can normal funeral arrangements be made?
Yes. Donation does not interfere with having a funeral, including open casket services.
Will my religion approve of donation?
Most major religions approve of organ, tissue and eye donation, and consider donation one of the highest acts of compassion and generosity. For a list of specific religious organizations and their positions on donation, click here.

I hope you sign up today.

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