Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun gifts for those you LOVE <3

Just for fun I've compiled a list of my top five favorites gifts this year for Valentine's Day (just a month away...) or any special day for your special someone. With a little help from, here they are:

1. Photo-Opoly. Personal Monopoly with 22 of your favorite photos -- perfect for friends or significant others.

2. A fave gift for the music lover: recycled CD's for coasters. Buy your own scratched up ones at local pawn shops, or visit this artist's Web site to purchase ($17.99 for 6). Just pray you don't wind up with some artist you dislike!

3. What better way to light the fire than with a personalized novel starring you and your significant other? Think "Choose Your Own Adventure," adult style. Hot.
4. On a similar personal note, another fun way to incorporate a slice of you and your friend/sig other into your gift is having a personalized comic drawn for you from artist Mark Weber who draws for The New York Times, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone and Playboy. They're expensive, but awesome!!!

And my favorite...

5. For all the shoe lovers out there... how about about a pair of personalized Nike's? Not only do you get to pick the colors you want, but you also can personalize it with your Nike "iD." How would Metrogal 84 look on a pair of Nike's? I personally think it'd be pretty rockin'. Check out my design image above, lovingly called Luckies 2.0.

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