Friday, January 4, 2008

Ain't no mountain too high even for a small fry

So kids, such as Keats (read above letter) have big dreams. What of it? That doesn't mean they can't reach the sky (literally) and achieve their goals simply because they are too young.

I was able to learn about Keats' big aspiration on CBS' Evening News tonight and thought I would share. It was part of the "Assignment America" series which chronicles interesting little tales happening in our nation.

I couldn't help but tear up out of joy while hearing this 7-year-old boy talk about how he wants to be the youngest ever to climb Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro and is even going to such lengths as learning the language of Swahili and raising money to take on his trip to donate to two African-based non-profits.

I had a few thoughts while watching the segment tonight:

1. One day when my kid says "I'm going to climb a mountain," I hope I can say "What day are you planning on doing that?" And really mean it -- just like Keat's parents did.
2. I really do believe in the youth of America. Despite the daily celeb trash occurring and the current lack of imaginative toys, I think everything will turn out OK when the millennials and "generation now" take over.
3. He's 7. What is he going to accomplish when he's 27? Watch out.

Here's the link to his site where you can get inspired and learn more about his adventure:

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