Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Song: "The Winter Rose"

I absolutely love singing. I have been in choirs my entire life...except for the past four years. I was sad when life just got to crazy to make time for my favorite pastime. But as I've gotten a tighter grip on what to expect with my job, I decided I needed to make time to sing. After my dear friend Lyndsey joined her local community chorus, I decided to check if there was one in my area. And sure enough, there is and I've been singing with the group ever since.

I am by FAR one of the youngest people in the group, but I don't care. There is just some amazing inner peace I get within myself when I sing harmony in a large group.

One of the pieces we are singing in our holiday concert this Friday is "The Winter Rose." It chills me every time I sing it, and sometimes when I think about the words, I get choked up. The work tells the story of Jesus’ ministry, passion, death and resurrection, however, I believe it can be taken whichever way you like.

I can't find an MP3 online anywhere, but I thought I'd at least share the beautiful lyrics.

The Winter Rose
Joseph Martin

In the silence of the winter,
while stars shown high above,
God sent from heaven's garden,
a rose to show His love.
It opened in the dark of night,
While the world was fast asleep.
So perfect was its beauty,
It made the heavens weep.
The angels paused to wonder,
Upon that winsome sight.
And kings and shepherds gathered
To worship in its light.
They all breathed in its beauty,
A precious sweet perfume.
And in the bleak midwinter
The Rose began to bloom.
O let us now remember
When God put on the thorn.
And Love restored the garden
And the Winter Rose was born.
Oh, Love restored the garden
And the Winter Rose was born.

If you're in the Detroit area and want to check out the concert, here's the details:
Troy Community Chorus presents Joyful and Triumphant -- 30th Anniversary Concert
8 p.m. -- December 5
@Troy Athens High School


kingsdaughter said...

Thank-you for posting the words to this song. I heard it recently at a candle light memorial service for my niece. We always remember her with a pink rose which she loved, so this song was really moving for us. I wanted to give my sister these words, so thanks for helping me out.

metrogal84 said...

Thanks for sharing your story, kingsdaughter. It's such a powerful song and I'm glad it can be heard by you and your family in remembrance of her.