Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Song: "Seasons of Love" (From Rent)

As mentioned in the previous post, my mom truly exposed me to everything possible since I was very young. One thing I got hooked to virtually right out of the womb, was live theater. Coming from a middle class background, heading into Detroit to see a show at the Fox or the Fisher wasn't always an affordable option, but nonetheless, we often made the trip downtown for a show at least once a year.

I've seen tons of plays-- straight and musicals and have even been a part of a half dozen or so. Through my experiences, I would have to say my absolute favorite is Rent. The first time I heard the music, I fell in love and begged my parents to take me to see it during a family trip to Toronto in the 7th grade. Looking back, I may have been one of the youngest audience members, but regardless of the adult content, I LOVED it.

A bit of background: The play focuses on the year in the life of a group of artsy friends living in New York’s East Village. The friends remain close as they lead lives filled with the threat of homelessness, drugs, homosexuality and AIDS. To me, the play depicts truth to the core and I highly recommend open-minded folks out there to see it live, or if you cannot, at least 'rent' the movie. (Thanks Nikki for letting me borrow your copy!)

All of the music throughout the play is genius, but the headlining song, "Seasons of Love" may easily take the cake for being one of the best Broadway songs ever written. The lyrics discuss "525,600 minutes," which is the number of minutes in a typical calendar year. Throughout the song, various answers are suggested for how to measure a year (daylights, sunsets, midnights, cups of coffee), however, the conclusion is made that love is the only proper measure of a year in a human life. And I couldn't agree more.

Although I feel slightly guilty for spending the money to see the play for the second time, I can't help myself -- I am going with my girlfriends to see it when it comes to the Detroit Opera House in February and I couldn't be more excited. I just may be an official 'Renthead,' singing along with every lyric!

Check out the movie version of "Season's of Love" here.

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