Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pink Carpet Scoop: Sex and the City Movie

I was one of the lucky ones who got to take part in a Sex and the City Movie sneak peak yesterday, thanks to my dear friend, Nikki winning tickets from Twist.

All I have to say about the most anticipated chick flick of the year is WOW. In the words of Samantha, it was "fabulous."

I have always been a fan of the show. I look at the characters as my own friends... No matter how outlandish the debacles the fearsome foursome get themselves into, I love them. I forgive them for their bad decisions. I cry with them when their hearts get broken. I laugh with them when they say ironic but true things.

I often consider my own self to be a mix of the characters from the show -- Carrie's deep quest to understand how people work, Charlotte's motherliness, Samantha's charisma and Miranda's drive to succeed. I find pieces of myself in all of them.

Another draw to the whole SATC phenom is that I really love the fact that it's a show that really brings about a bond among women. We've all seen/been through drama, heartbreak, cheaters, liars and stealers. But the story that remains consistent in most of our lives is our girlfriends -- the ladies in our lives make up who we are. And the older I get, the more I realize I enjoy my girlfriends -- those special people who have seen me at my worst and loved me regardless, despite the bad relationships, bickering and bad decisions that have ensued.

Many times in years past, roommates and I (yes, you Sarah) would stay up for hours watching episodes, crying and laughing and talking about our own "Charlotte" or "Carrie" moments.

The show may be trite at times. It may make you feel a little dirty or you may think it's totally unrealistic, but if you're a gal with a great sense of humor, grab your girlfriends and go see this flick. You won't regret it!

And then...let me know your thoughts so we can be gossip girls and discuss.

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