Monday, May 19, 2008

"Pass It On" Campaign Provides Driving Inspiration

One communications vehicle I have always had an infatuation with is billboards. I think it started when I was young and was growing up in the country... at that time, billboards signified to me that we were in the "big city" and in turn, closer to our destination. Regardless, I have always paid attention to them. After all, what else am I supposed to stare at when driving alone?

It's no surprise that I've Googled information I've seen on billboards (one being lavender scented tires...but we won't go there), however, one powerful billboard campaign that catches my eye every time is the "Pass It On" campaign (think a person's photo + red box with white worded phrase such as "inspiration," "hard work" or "devotion," etc).

These simple billboards often bring a tear to my eye while driving (including the one shown above). So, who puts them out and what's the scoop behind them anyways?
After doing some digging, I discovered this little campaign was brought to us by The Foundation For A Better Life. Since I tend to write about all things positive, this proved to be a nice fit for this blog.

So what is this foundation, anyways?

It's really pretty interesting. The Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to sharing the values that make a difference in our communities. Through various media efforts, the Foundation's hope is to inspire us by displaying others who live their life to the fullest through positive values.

You can't donate money to the foundation, nor do they give money away to those in need. In short, to me, they exist merely to make us say to ourselves "Holy crap, I can do anything!"

And lucky and inspired is what I feel when I see them.

I highly suggest you check out some of the other billboards here. I also encourage you to read the stories that are the inspiration behind the billboards. They are quite moving. Some of the faces pictured you'll recognize (Einstein, Mother Teresa, Kermit the Frog, Ghandi, etc.), others you won't know, but I assure you, you'll be amazed by their heartfelt stories.

So, go to the site and feel the love. Then PASS IT ON to someone else.

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