Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"PANDORA" opens a box to new, awesome music

I am sure most of you that read this blog have already heard of the gloriousness that is Pandora Radio....but if I can just enlighten one person to the awesomeness of this site, my musical mission in life will be complete.

Pandora is like a friend with an endless music collection...who doesn't mind when you tell them the song they're playing is not your style. When you tell Pandora you don't like a song, it remembers and never plays that song again. Likewise, when you tell Pandora you like a track, it remembers and plays a music with a similar vibe.

How it works:

  • You visit http://www.pandora.com/ and register for a free account.

  • You create a custom station by entering an artist or a song you like (i.e. "Gwen Stefani" or "Piano Man").

  • Pandora begins playing music it thinks you will like based on the hundreds of musical details their musician-analysts have attributed to each song in the Pandora library.

  • You click thumbs up or thumbs down to tell Pandora what you think. (When you tell Pandora you don't like a song, it immediately skips to the next track...although I rarely don't like a song it chooses for me!)

  • You waste the day away listening to quality music and along the way, you learn of tons of great artists you've probably never heard of.

Now visit the site and play away. You'll be amazed to learn how well Pandora can read your mind.


randommsugirl said...

I heart this site. For some reason my mac doesn't get along with it as seemlessly as I would like it to, but that probably has something to do with all of those security downloads I keep clicking "ignore" on. Anyway, I am glad you wrote about this wonderful site. I just found some new great music and I am currently in the process of making a new mix cd for you. Considering that we have similar music taste (and because of Pandora), you may have heard some of the songs on there, but there are others I hope end up being new and that you like.

Miss you! See you in a couple of weeks though :)

Rachel .:. A Step Ahead said...

I love Pandora Radio. I am actually listening to it right now! I have so many stations that I can change whenever my mood changes.

Hope your summer is beginning well (if summer ever does begin...the cold weather has been crazy here!)

Erin Kelly said...

I agree with Mere... I heart pandora. I think the best station I've created so far "Tom Petty" ohh yeahhhhh.