Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Song: Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

I am loving a song by Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman called "Cinderella."

My dad actually introduced me to the song. It's about a daddy/daughter relationship and is going to be the song we dance to at my wedding (I know, I am spoiling the surprise for some of you!)... This is the touching story:

Steven was trying to work, but it was time for his two adopted 4-year olds to get baths. So, feeling preoccupied with wanting to work, he rushed to get the girls bathed and in bed. Meanwhile, the girls only wanted to play with their daddy and dance with him in their princess-inspired costumes. Steven tucked them in and shut their door, and immediately after doing so remembered his 21-year-old daughter and how the years where she was young like that had flown by...
He dedicates the song to all those little "moments" that a father shares with his daughter as she grows up.

You may need a tissue for this one.

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