Friday, March 28, 2008

Detroit: The Untold Stories of the First 300 Years

"Detroit: Anywhere in the world that name conjures up images of the assembly line and the Motown sound. But beneath the surface lies an unbelievable past that has been swept away from the eyes of the world. We have set out on a mission to cultivate some of this lost history while we create a living documentary of this great city."

If you have 10 minutes to spare and you're a fan of Detroit, watch this video -- Detroit Documentary. It discusses a bit of the history on the city and features interviews with Detroit natives Lilly Tomlin and Keegan Michael Key (from "Mad TV") and former Detroit mayor, Dennis Archer (come back, Dennis!).

Watching the vid conjures up images of my great-grandparents who first settled in Detroit around 150 years ago -- coming over from Greece, Ireland and Germany on "the boat." There's something eerie, yet comforting about seeing all the images from the past and hearing people talk about Detroit as it was years ago. Very cool.

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