Monday, March 3, 2008

Mom Update

Good news -- my mom had her minor surgery and it went well and she is now cancer free. Granted, spots can come back, but at least now she is aware and knows what signs to look for.

I don't know about your personal beliefs, but this situation has really helped me to understand the true power of prayer... thanks to those of you who kept her in your thoughts.


randommsugirl said...

I didn't even know! this makes me sad because you are one of my good friends and i don't even know what all is going on with your family. I wish i would have known so that i, too could pray for your mom. I hope that those spots stay away! miss you!

Estrella10 said...

Oh good I'm so glad...that makes me very happy to know all is better! I did keep Mama Pan-Pan in my prayers, and I still will!