Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open Your Eyes and Be Thankful

A blind mother in the Nepal sees her baby for the first time, thanks to the organization Cure Blindness.

Of all of our senses, many would say that the gift of sight is the most significant. I was reminded tonight of how truly wonderful our gift of sight is while watching National Geographic's Explorer TV show, which highlighted North Korea – the secret country we have limited contact with.

North Korea has always been a fascinating country to me, especially due to the constant controversy surrounding the country and its dictator leader, Kim Jung Il. I can't fathom how brainwashed the people are over there and often wonder what would happen if they could see how life outside their hermit county is.

The story I watched took place in Pyongyang – North Korea's capital and where the most "privileged" of Kim Jung Il's people live. It showed various aspects of the country and its people and the show was only able to videotape because the country’s people thought it was strictly for educating surgeons on how to perform the eyesight-saving surgery (which it was, in part).

Part of the story followed Dr. Sanduk Ruit, an amazing man whose team travels to less fortunate countries and performs surgeries that helps people who are blind from cataracts to be able to see again. It showed the thousands he "healed" during his 10-day stay in North Korea. Because of North Korea’s strict rules for displaying adoration for their countries “great leader,” when the people's bandages were removed, they went up to praise Kim Jung's portrait.
Not one person said thank you to Dr. Ruiz, who was the one who technically healed them... I know they don't know any better, but that bothered me... so from millions of miles away, I'd like to say thank you to Dr. Ruiz for making an impact in our world. You set the true example of living a selfless life – something we all can aspire to.

If you're interested, check out his great organization, Cure Blindness, and learn more about him and his staff and their stories and the amazing miracles they perform to those that need it most.

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