Wednesday, October 3, 2007

News Flash: Divorce Rates Down, Marriages Lasting a Lifetime

It's a shame the media chooses to focus on celebrities and their extravagant marriages followed by bitter divorces... new studies actually show that divorce isn't hip at all - at least in REAL life.

According to recently released Census Bureau stats, divorce rates were reported as being the highest ever. But, because the stats were compiled in 2004, these aren't relevant anymore since it is nearly four years later... (silly government, why can't these stats come out in a timely manner?) In actuality, new studies show divorce rates in 2007 are down, and in fact, are as low as they were in 1970.

So, make sure to stock up on those 25th anniversary cards - chances are that those who take those forever vows will be with their life partner until death.

To me, things are looking up in America!

Is it because more young people are worried to go through what they saw their parents experience? Or are more getting married after getting a college education? Read interesting CBS article with varying opinions on why this is happening here.

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