Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Green is Sexy

One of the biggest trends as of late are post-recycled material grocery bags. Let me tell you, these are hot, handy, and all-purpose items!

Owning one not only makes you feel good about not contributing to a landfill packed with plastic, but they have great, fashionable photos and can hold a heck of a lot! I got my hot pink one for 99 cents - at Farmer Jack (RIP), but I've seen them everywhere. Now that's a steal that's both sexy and green. Just please don't go out and buy one of the expensive designer ones... that's ridiculous. It's for your groceries, not a poddle. Puh-lease.

Other "green" ideas? Check out tips @:
It's a very cute Web site with lots of great tips and products that do the earth good.

Here's one great product posted on the site:
Preserve toothbrushes are made from recycled plastic (mostly yogurt cups) and are 100% recyclable themselves. When your Preserve toothbrush is ready for retirement, the company sends you a postage-paid mailer to return it to them for recycling. Preserve converts your old toothbrush into plastic lumber, which is used for things like picnic tables in parks! For more info on Preserve toothbrushes, including where to buy them, go to:
Saving the earth and avoiding cavities... now that's productive.

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