Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Song(s): Jill Jack is where it's at

My dear friend Nikki and I have been wanting to see Detroit folk singer/songwriter Jill Jack and her band for months and last night we finally got the chance to do that with our Twitter friend Stacy at Callahan's in Auburn Hills.

Wow, am I ever glad we got to go! The concert was for the release of her newest CD, Songwriter Sessions, which features a variety of songs that she's written over the years but has never released on CD.

Jill definitely has a captivating appeal to her. Not only is she gorgeous (she looks absolutely fab for 47 years old!), but she's a natural storyteller, which to me, makes the music much more meaningful. She revealed what each song meant to her - from broken hearts to empty nest syndrome to insomnia and beyond. Each lyric is deeply personal and she isn't afraid to reveal her inspiration behind each song on her Web site, which just makes me love her even more.

I can't quite place who she sounds like since she's just unique and herself, but a cross between Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow came to my mind. And those are some lady singers I adore, so it all makes sense why I enjoyed her concert. :)

I've listened to her stuff on her site and plan to buy the CD/DVD combo for sure once its on iTunes, but if you get the chance to see her live, that's where the sweetness is. She's a great live musician and I hope to see her many more times in the future.

Thanks Jill and the band of talented folks for making Michigan proud!

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EstrellaBella10 said...

I'm SO glad we finally got to Jill Jack live! She's a gem. Not to steal your mojo, but I've got a blog post brewing about a few of her songs. She relays some great messages through her music.

thatdamnredhead said...

So glad you gals could finally come out to a Jill show, thanks for making my birfday start out awesome!

It's nice to see such enthusiasm from "new" fans of hers - she is totally awesome but knowing her for so long I guess I sometimes take her awesomeness and star power for granted, if that makes sense. I'm always happy to bring out new peeps to shows!

Any time you wanna go again, just let me know!

metrogal84 said...

Will do Damn Redhead! I actually may go see her when she plays in Howell at the end of the month since that's my hometown and my mom wants to see her. I also want to go when she plays Memphis Smoke in the spring since that seems to be her natural stomping grounds and we can dance there :)