Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Song: John Rich - Shutting Down Detroit

If you've heard this song, you probably could have guessed this would be the song I picked for this week's Sunday Song.

Not gonna lie, the first time I heard this, I shed some tears for Detroit. It pains me everyday to hear about the thousands of people being laid off from auto-related jobs and beyond. This song strikes a chord with me because it says exactly how I feel -- you shut Detroit down and watch out! It's going to be chaos for this entire country -- it truly will be the trickle down effect.

Kudos to John Rich for writing this song - in an hour. I'm glad someone out there in the 'real world' is paying attention to us.


Anonymous said...

Trouble is, Detorit has been shut down for years. Only when the rest of the country feels a little of what we have known for quite some time does anyone care to take notice.
SL Detroit

metrogal84 said...

Very true. Thanks for your thoughts, SL Detroit. I hope it doesn't get worse than it already is...