Thursday, January 1, 2009

Operation New Years Resolutions 2009

I've never made an official list of New Years resolutions, so I've decided to try it out this year. Many people create lofty resolutions that never even make it to February, so I've made what I consider a reasonable list, full of things I know I can achieve.

Be healthy. As most folks, I would love to lose weight -- but I'm not quite ready to cut junk food out of my life completely. I just want to take better care of myself. No more booze and bad food binges. Work out more and cook more healthily.

Dress appropriately for my age and buy classic clothes. My mom has been trying for years to make me look like a "grown-up." To be honest, I hate work clothes (I am def a jeans and fun T-shirt-kinda girl), but I know it's necessary to be taken seriously. And when you work in an office full of well-dressed women, it's hard to not stick out as the hippie that doesn't iron or send clothes to the dry cleaner. I need to work on that.

Get a library card (and use it). I think it's time I go back to my younger days of wandering the library looking for the perfect book. Besides, buying books is such a rip-off and libraries are full of great things like CDs and movies, too. (this leads me to my next point...)

Read more for pleasure.

Make more time to volunteer.

Go to church more. I love my sleep, I'm not gonna lie. But, that's a lame excuse not to go...

Learn to garden. Word is I'm destined to have a green thumb...we'll see about that!

Learn to sew. I got a sewing machine last Christmas. By Christmas 2009, I want to know how to use it.

Get creative. I need to engage the creative side of my mind more often. Handmade presents are much more fun than store-bought stuff.

Do small things to make other people's day (i.e. send random cards to friends, pay for meal of person behind me in drive-thru line, etc.)

Best of luck to you all in 2009!

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A Super Girl said...

Great resolutions! I think dressing appropriately for my age is something I too struggle with. Also, library cards? Best thing ever.