Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Song(s): Beatles Covers

OK, it's another week where I can't decide on just one specific Sunday instead, I have another mini list.

I watched the 2007 flick Across the Universe last night and got inspired by all the amazing new spins on classic Beatles jams. It got my mind going...I have adored The Beatles since I found my parents extensive collection of their records in our basement when I was young. I tried to be hip and hang them on my walls with tacks, but of course that didn't fly for long (and thank goodness)...those babies could be worth something now-a-days!

The thing I enjoy the most about the music John, George, Ringo and Paul made is how their songs seem to transcend across all musical genres, hence my decision to make a list of my favorite Beatles covers by other artists.

Here's the list:
Joe Cocker — With a Little Help From My Friends (love this one esp. because of the show the Wonder Years!!!)
Fiona Apple — Across the Universe
Eddie Vedder — You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Ben Harper — Strawberry Fields Forever (also love Ben's rendition of John Lennon's Beautiful Boy = tear jerker)

I highly recommend you take a listen. There's so many great Beatles covers out there, but as always, the originals can never be topped!

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