Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six Random Things

I feel honored the fabulous Supergirll tagged me in a meme and now it's my turn to talk about 6 unspectacular things about me, so here goes nothing:

1. I loathe drama-filled TV sitcoms, but I love all Bravo reality shows (with the exception of Real Housewives...).
2. My maiden name, Panaretos means of all virtues in Greek...or so I'm told!
3. My hubby would say the craziest thing about me is that I could have died twice...As a baby, I went down the basement stairs in my walker and I almost drown when I was two (my dad rescued me). I am still very clumsy...yet have never broke a bone.
4. I really, really, really love Taco Bell (most of you know this). And if Yum! Brands weren't based in California, I would LOVE to do PR for them...even though they probably induce millions of heart attacks each year.
5. I took ballet for 13 years, 3 of which was on point. Man, I give those real ballerinas credit. Bleeding toes were awful.
6. I provide TMI to almost everyone I encounter on a daily basis. I can't help it -- I'm very open!

Wasn't that enthralling? Now I tag Estrella10, Radiant Thoughts and randommsugirl!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, YUM! Brands (the parent company of Taco Bell) is based in Louisville KY not in California. Taco Bell is based in California.

rialeilani said...

I'm pretty clumsy too but haven't broken a bone yet *knock on wood :)

metrogal84 said...

@ anon That is great to know! TB is the reason behind my passion for YUM, but I don't see myself up and moving to Cali or Louisville for that matter! Regardless, thanks for the info, I send my brand love and loyalty. :)

@rialeilani - Yes, knock on wood is right! Keep up the un-clumsiness. :D

Estrella10 said...

Thanks for the tag!! Six random things, coming up soon!!