Sunday, November 25, 2007

Give Thanks 365 Days A Year

Hard to believe it's the last day of Thanksgiving weekend already... it went by so fast. I hope everyone had a great, tasty, family/friend-oriented Thanksgiving, and that the leftovers will be gone before you get sick of them.

What should not go away is the thankful, blessings-counting spirit that Thanksgiving urges us to feel. Look around you... don't you have things you are thankful for?

I know its cliché, but I like to list out the things I am thankful for each are my top picks:

Being American. Not everyone in this world is able to rant, rave and express ourselves the way we can. I'm thankful for those they have come before us that helped to pave the way to freedom and those that continue to do so in our nation's military - we enjoy our freedom and they earn it for us.

Hard Lessons. I am thankful for life's "trials" that I have been faced with. They have shaped me into the thankful person I am today.

Family and Friends. Those who are always there and those who are just a phone call away and it doesn't matter how long its been since we last talked to each other.

Never being hungry. I can list out the wonderful foods I am in love with... Thanksgiving sides, Taco Bell, sushi, pickles, wine...too many to list. I'm thankful to be in a place when all those things are readily available to me.

Happy people. There's no technology that can ever replace great customer service, whether it's someone who let's you go ahead of them in the grocery line or just an overly friendly cashier. Hearing "have a nice day" from a stranger who sounds like they really mean it makes my day.

Considerate Drivers. Everyone is in a rush. Nobody wants to be stuck behind someone going less than the speed limit in the fast lane. Wave and smile at those that let you go before them in traffic.

The moral of my list is to make sure I pray for our troops, drive how I'd want you to drive, look to the future in a positive way, tell my family that I love them and be thankful for making it through yet another day.

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Estrella10 said...

Those are fabulous reasons to be thankful! I am thankful that I get to see you every day, and that you're my partner-in-crime who shares my brain. I HEART you!