Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Song: "When Fall Comes to New England" By Cheryl Wheeler

Fall is by far my favorite season...I just love the colors of the changing leaves, the change in wardrobe, stopping by cider mills and most of all, just being outdoors taking it all in.

Living in a larger city, away from nature, is tough for me at times...and I often miss my days of growing up in the country. So when I read about a cool trail in The Oakland Press just a few miles from my house, I knew I need to check it out. The spot is called Friendship Woods and its in Madison Heights off of 13 Mile.

This little haven is perfect for a 2-mile walk and is especially stunning during this time of year. The photos included on here are ones I took when Jason and I checked it out. We'll definitely be back for future walks to escape the big city without going too far.

There's just nothing sweeter than enjoying the beauty of nature, all the while being close to amenities!

This spot reminded me of a folk song I like called When Fall Comes to New England by Cheryl Wheeler. Even though I technically don't live in New England, the lyrics paint a picture of what's happening in Michigan, too. Listen to it, take a drive down a country road (or a walk in a city park) and take in the beauty that has been painted for all of us to enjoy.


Sarah said...

GREAT pictures Lauren! I love this post!

randommsugirl said...

Love the tree hugging pic! I will have to add this song to my iPod- love new music suggestions :) Miss you! So jealous that you can find great places like this down the road AND have cider mills nearby. You make me want to go for a nature walk. . .xoxo