Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Song: "Johnny And June" by Heidi Newfield

I wanna love like Johnny and June // Rings of fire burnin' with you // I wanna walk the line, walk the line // 'Till the end of time // I wanna love, love ya that much // Cash it all in // Give it all up // When you're gone, I wanna go too // Like Johnny and June

I am so in love with this new song by Heidi Newfield! Not only because the lyrics capture how I feel about my husband, but also because it is a tribute to one of the greatest Hollywood romances of all time: Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Johnny died just four months after June -- a loss that no doubt had Johnny’s world falling apart and taking away his will to remain earthbound. Sure, John and June they had their tough times, as documented in the flick Walk The Line, but in the end -- and as always, love conquered all.

"What June did for me was post signs along the way, lift me when I was weak, encourage me when I was discouraged, and love me when I was alone and felt unlovable. She is the greatest woman I have ever known. Nobody else, except my mother, comes close. "
- Johnny Cash

Well said, Johnny! I feel blessed and honored to have a soul mate and best friend who is committed to me the way John was to June and I can only hope for a forever kinda love like theirs.

Check out the song and video here.


Rachel .:. A Step Ahead said...

That is a great song. Newfield is not only a great artist, but she really captured their love in words.

KRS said...

I love this song! Heard it for the first time on the way home last night and the same thoughts went through my head. We can all only hope for such love in our lives.

Estrella10 said...

Awww I heart this song!!! I think it's so clever the way the words correlate with Johnny Cash songs.