Friday, July 25, 2008

Old Fashioned Thank Yous: Still Work Like A Charm

I received a nice thank you note the other day. No, it wasn't from a recent wedding or baby shower gift (although I love those, too!) It was from a corporation...Dolly's Pizza, a Michigan-based franchise, to be exact.

You see, a few weeks ago, Jason and I received a hand written envelope from a mystrey person in our mailbox. We were surprised to see a note inside saying "Welcome to the Neighborhood! Come try a FREE medium pizza (up to two toppings) on us!" (the "us" being Dolly's)

We are pizza connoisseurs. And we've never tried Dolly's, so we thought what the heck? It's free! And it's pizza! Woot woot.

The pizza wasn't the most amazing ever, but it was pretty darn good. And for being free and saving us a night of cooking a late night dinner, it was really good.

As if the first nice handwritten note and free pizza wasn't enough, we received yet another hand-written card the other day, this time thanking us for our business and to bring in this card next time to get a free order of cheesy bread. Yum! Again, we're just happy to get free things... even if the dude forgot an 'e' on please.

So, this brings me to my bloggin' point: There's just nothing in this world quite like a hand-written thank you card. Especially from a mitten-based company (we all know they are most likely struggling in this economy...).

Thanks Dolly's for providing us with your greasy goodness. For free. You betcha we'll be giving you some paid business in the future, too.

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Adam Denison said...

That's awesome! I just looked up their locations, and there's one close to me. Looks like I'll be getting my pizza from them next time I order it. :)